Tryouts for 2019 Summer League U11–U19

For players born 2000 – 2008

Please note schedule change below for 2000 (U19) Boys.

Blackhawks will conduct tryouts for 2019 summer competitive leagues the week of July 29, 2018. Tryouts enable Blackhawks’ professional coaches to gauge each player’s individual skills and development needs. Coaches use the results to match players with the most appropriate division and coach for the summer 2019 league season and, for Juniors, the 2018 fall league season.

»Learn more about Competitive U15–U19 teams (players born 2000–2004) and Juniors U11–U14 teams (players born 2005–2008).

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Register Now for Tryouts

Register for tryouts today using the LOGIN button on this page. Before attending a tryout, you must register and pay for the tryout.

  • If you do not have an account, you will need to create one before registering
  • Coaches will form teams from the pool of players registered for tryouts. Register regardless of ability to attend tryout sessions.
  • ALL players are responsible for paying the $45 tryout fee.

Who: Soccer players born 2000 – 2008

When and where: See below for times and locations for each age group and gender. Most registrants will attend two sessions

Cost: The tryout fee is $45; there is no financial assistance for this fee. Pay by MasterCard or Visa at the time of registration, or by check payable to “Saint Paul Blackhawks” and either brought to your first tryout session or mailed after registration to:

Saint Paul Blackhawks
PO Box 40436
Saint Paul MN  55104-8436

Schedule and Locations

Bring: Water bottle, sunblock, shin guards, cleats, ball (size 4 for U11–U12, size 5 all others), great sportsmanship

Players are expected to participate in both sessions when two sessions are listed for a birth year/gender.

Juniors (U11 – U14)

Age Group)
Girls Boys
2008 (U11) Sun, Jul 29 noon–1:30pm UofM
Mon, July 30 4:30–6:00pm UofM
Sun, Jul 29 9:00–10:30am UofM
Mon, Jul 30 4:30–6:00pm UofM
2007 (U12) Sun, Jul 29 1:30–3:00pm UofM
Tues, Jul 31 4:30–6:00pm McM
Sun, Jul 29 10:30am–noon UofM
Mon, Jul 30 6:00–7:30pm UofM
2006 (U13) Sun, Jul 29 noon–1:30pm UofM
Tues, Jul 31 4:30–6:00pm McM
Sun, Jul 29 3:00–4:30pm UofM
Mon, Jul 30 7:30–9:00pm UofM
2005 (U14) Sun, Jul 29 1:30–3:00pm UofM
Tue, Jul 31  6:00–7:30pm McM
Sun, Jul 29 4:30–6:00pm UofM
Tues, Jul 31 7:30–9:00pm McM
  • McM McMurray Fields • 1220 Como Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55103 • map
  • UofM Rec Sports Field • 1631 Cleveland Ave North, Falcon Heights, MN 55108 • map
    » Please respect all NO PARKING zones and park only in legal parking spaces

Competitive (U15 – U19)

Age Group)
Girls Boys
2004 (U15) Sun, Jul 29 9:00–10:30am McM
Mon, Jul 30 6:00–7:30pm Hum
Sun, Jul 29 9:00–10:30am McM
Wed, Aug 1 6:00–7:30pm UofM
2003 (U16) Sun, Jul 29 10:30am–noon McM
Mon, Jul 30 7:30–9:00pm Hum
Sun, Jul 29 10:30am–noon McM
Tues, Jul 31 4:30–6:00pm UofM
2002 (U17) Sun, Jul 29 noon–1:30pm McM
Tue, Jul 31 7:30–9:00pm UofM
Tues, Jul 31 6:00–7:30pm UofM
Wed, Aug 1 4:30–6:00pm UofM
2001 (U18) Sun, Jul 29 1:30–3:00pm McM Mon, Jul 30 4:30–6:00pm McM
Wed, Aug 1 7:30–9:00pm UofM
2000 (U19) Sun, Jul 29 1:30–3:00pm McM Sun, Jul 29 3:00–4:30pm McM
Mon, Jul 30 4:30–6:00pm McM
Wed, Aug 1 7:30–9:00pm UofM
  • McM McMurray Fields • 1220 Como Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55103 • map
  • Hum Humboldt High School • 690 Humboldt Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55107 • map
  • UofM Rec Sports Field • 1631 Cleveland Ave North, Falcon Heights, MN 55108 • map
    » Please respect all NO PARKING zones and park only in legal parking spaces

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't make any of the tryout sessions, do I still need to register for tryouts?

A: YES. We will form teams for our 2018–19 season from the pool of players that register…if you don’t register, we don’t know that you want to play. Team formation involves a lot aside from what happens on the field on the day of tryouts and all team mates are expected to share in those expenses. Please contact the appropriate Director of Coaching (contact info below) to let them know if you will miss tryouts completely so they can check in with your coach for their input. Register using the large LOGIN button on this page to access your account.

Q: I will miss one of the evaluation sessions, is this OK?

A: YES. While we strongly prefer to see players on two different days, we understand that life happens. Please be sure to let the appropriate Director of Coaching (contact info below) know that you will be missing a session.

Q: Will alternate or make-up tryouts be offered?

A: NO. We have a very tight window to work in for team formation, needing to submit fall teams by August 10, so we are unable to prolong the process by offering make-up sessions.

Q: Can I register AT tryouts?

A: NO. While we will check-in walk-up players at tryouts, you will still need to register online to be placed on a team. Please let one of our staff know if you will need assistance with this. NOTE: all walk-up players will need to pay the $45 tryout fee when checking-in at the field. If you choose to walk-up, please allow 20–30 minutes before tryout time to complete additional paperwork on-site (this requires a parent/guardian signature).

Q: I have registered online, but can I pay my tryout fee when I check in at the field?

A: YES. Cash or check only please and allow additional time before your tryout as only certain staff will be able to accept your payment.

Q: I don't understand how age groups work. My child is 9 and turning 10 later this fall, why are they a U11?

A: To reduce confusion and mistakes, we display eligible birth years with each of our programs. US Soccer sets age groups based on birth year, not school year or rolling age. This can get a bit confusing given our soccer seasons in MN transition after the summer season and before the fall season. All players turning 11 between January 1 and December 31 in 2019 are considered U11 (under 11) for the Fall 2018 – Summer 2019 season.

Q: My child plays (or wants to play) up an age group, what do I do about registration and tryouts?

A: All players register for tryouts in their birth year age group, then check-in at the field for the age groups they are trying out for. ALL players that wish to try out for an older age group should expect to attend sessions for both their birth age group as well as the older age group and MUST receive Director of Coaching permission to try out to play up. (see contact info below)

Q: Where can I find information on club fees for 2018–19?

A: See detailed descriptions about Competitive U15–U19 teams (players born 2000–2004) and Juniors U11–U14 teams (players born 2005–2008).

Q: When will club fees be paid?

A: You can choose to pay club fees all at once or in installments when you accept your player’s team position after tryouts. ALL players will need to make a minimum 10% deposit to secure their team placement before August 8. If you opt in to our payment plan, you will make payments on the following schedule after that: 20% due September 15, October 15, November 15, February 15 with the final 10% due March 15.

Q: I've participated in Blackhawks financial assistance program in the past, do I need to apply again?

A: YES. Financial Assistance awards are granted yearly. You need to apply for each soccer season. The 2018–19 Application for Financial Assistance is now open.

Q: How will I find out if I qualify for financial assistance for the 2018–19 soccer season?

A: Once you submit your application, Executive Director Viktor Adamcsek reviews your application and sends you an email with your award and details on how to apply it to your registration. Please apply NOW to give him plenty of time to review your application before final team registration.

Q: Will I need a new uniform for 2018–19?

A: NO, with a little YES. If you played on a Blackhawks team in summer 2018, you will use that uniform for the 2018–19 season as well, no need to order a new kit. You WILL have the opportunity to order replacement pieces if needed. IF your player was a U10 this past summer and is moving up to U11 for the 2018–19 year, you will need to order the black shorts with gold stripe and the white socks to complete your uniform kit for our competitive teams.

See also: Team Formation Policy

Coaching Philosophy

Saint Paul Blackhawks Soccer Club is committed to giving each player the tools to become a complete player. A complete player displays mastery of both technical and tactical aspects of the game as well as character growth. We believe that soccer can be a medium to develop youth physically, mentally, and socially. We aim to produce skilled players who exhibit respect, dedication, and a passion for soccer within a highly competitive environment. Our club is dedicated to prepare youth players for the next level whether professional, collegiate, or amateur.

The path toward developing a complete player recognizes different developmental levels and utilizes developmentally appropriate activities toward the goal.

  • Technical: A Complete Player masters all aspects of ball control such as dribbling, passing and receiving, ball striking, heading, and tackling.
  • Tactical: A Complete Player understands the fundamentals of defending and attacking individually as well as a team. They understand their role on the field in different formations such as 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1.
  • Character: A Complete Player is a leader on the field who knows how to handle adversity, be a team player, and relates to others with respect.