2019 Summer League Teams U11 – U19

Players born 2000 – 2008

revistas online Vaginal received an overall rating of 7 out of 10 stars from 43 reviews. See what others have said about Estrace Vaginal, including the Thank you for participating in the Summer 2019 tryouts. It was great to see so many returning players and to welcome our new players. We were proud of the competitive play and focus that we observed in our players during the try-out process. Please view team assignments organized on the age group tabs below.

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  • To protect privacy, rosters list the player’s first name and last initial. If the abbreviated name is not unique, the tryout shirt number appears (XXX if none). The symbol indicates no registration was found for this player on this team as of the update time, below
  • In several cases, players were accommodated in the next older age group
  • The deadline to accept your team placement is Aug 8, 2018. You may contact Club Administrator Dawn Ellerd after that date for current options

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U11 – U14

2008 Girls

2008 G BLACK

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Annika Y
Daisee L
Josephine K
Julieth R T
Maggie D
Megan B
Nayeli S
Olivia L 47
Rhiannon C I
Siri C
Sophia M
Veronika S
Zoe B

2008 G RED

Medscape - Indication-specific dosing for generic levitra professional 20mg (perindopril), frequency-based adverse effects, comprehensive interactions, contraindications, pregnancy Alondra O
Amanda L
Audrey K
Catherine B
Emilie L
Hazel H
Hazel M
Julia L
Kacy N
Kayla N
Lucille D
Nora S
Samantha S
Violet S V
Whitney W

2008 Boys

2008 B BLACK

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Billy C
Chance V
christ m
Devin H
Henry O
Ian J
Irvin H
Julio M-m
Nathan Q r
rylan v
William F
Xavier O S

2008 B RED

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Anson G
Colin H
David B
Devin G
Emiliano P
Fin M
Giyun s
Hayden S
Rowan T
Tate A
Xavier H

2008 B GOLD

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Declan M
Ellis B
Erik B
Ethan L
Henry A
Isaac M
Jackson M
James M
Jose C c
Oliver B-T
Soren M
Tai Z
Weston B

2008 B WHITE

aleve naproxeno 750mg hydrochloride is a dibenzocycloheptene-derivative tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) and analgesic. TCAs are structurally similar to phenothiazines. Andrew W
Atari E
Brian B
ChengChee T
Echo F
Jackson P
Luke P
Nawaf A
Pollack S
William O XXX
William W
Xavier G

2008 B GREY

Malaria pill for forces is a risk, admit drug chiefs: Controversial treatment found to increase risk of depression, anxiety and psychosis. Drug enter Aiden J
Artin A
Emmett L
Erik F
Gage M
Joe F
Kevin R L
Noah W
Peter S
Rafael W
Teague W
Vincent C


Generic Name: - Brand Names: http://envoguemusic.com/digoxin-0-5mg/2ml.html Dosage: 60ml Where to buy Rumalaya liniment online? [button color="orange" size Carl W
Colin M 305
James S
Jamir E
John S XXX
Loschuekong V
Marcus Z
Nixon T-P
Oliver B XXX
Princeton V
Raul P
Sebastian C
Varun A
William E

2007 Girls

2007 G BLACK

follow Brynn M
Catherine S
Claire A
Clara H
Elise G
Giselle S-E
Grace L
Karin H
Lauren E
Liliana P
Mia A
Mirabelle J
Muriel S
Rory H
Sophie M
Suri R D

2007 G RED

û cozaar 25 mg Autumn B
Ava L
Edy H
Ella S 24
Gweneth M
Ingrid B
Isabelle B
Lily A
Maeve J
Quinn W
Rosalie R
Ruby O
Szofia E
Ziviara C

2007 G GOLD

zocor 100mg 5ml Abigail H
Charlotte T
Clare R B
Eva L
Greta H
Hope B
Josselyn D
Lilian L
Madigan G
Matilda S
Meghan W
Noelle A
Sonia K

2007 Boys

2007 B BLACK

Abdullahi G
Callum M
Chris p
Christopher L
Christopher l s
Elijah M
Ezra S
Gavyn M
Liam W
Lundin F
Mark R
Noah Q
Sebastian F
Thomas M
Thomas V

2007 B RED

Benjamin C
Evan L
Grant S
Justice M
Lewie M
Lewis L
Martin L
Maximilian J
Miles W
Patrick F
Thomas R

2007 B GOLD

Adam P
Aiden R S
Braden P
carter b
Christopher S
Deven S
Eric K
Gino K
giovanni o
Lucas G
Owen C
Peter William S
tanner b
Teegan S

2007 B WHITE

Amon H
Carson G
Carter N
Everett M
Finnegan B
Griffin M
Henry S
Isaac v O
Justin L
Kaw T
Owen G
Rowan C
Sebastian V H

2007 B GREY

Antonio C
Cameron R
Charbel K
Isaac W
Jack S
Joel V
Keanu H
Keyan L
Max E-V
salman m
Steian J
William D

2006 Girls

2006 G BLACK

Anja G
Audrey D
Audrey S
Ava A
Ellery M
Hannah K
Jenna S
Kayla W
Lauren B 244
Lesley T
Meghan C
Ofelia L
Ruby E
Sawyer B D
Tess C
Willa C

2006 G RED

Alejandra C
Annelise Y
Charlotte S
Chiana V
Greta G
Hanna K
Kennedy C
Kora B
Lauren J
Lucianna M G
Lydia S
Maggie F
Malin S
Maria B
Marisol G
Maritza G V
Mimi M
Molly M
Muriel A
Serena C
Whitney H

2006 Boys

2006 B BLACK

Anthony H 146
Asher W
Brandon L
Elijah P
Elliot M
Everett C
Harlow T
Htoo W
Jason C
Joshua P
Julian B
Luke M
Martin Sebastian G
Nolan S
Orion K
Tristan L
William H

2006 B RED

August G
Cormac M
Edin N
Ethan C
Isa A R
Joe E
Max L
Rae E-P
Rahun H
Steven S P
Takato M
Tenito K
Trent S
Zander C

2006 B GOLD

Alex F
Beyen R
Caiden R
Carter F
Drew G
Emilio A 366
Henry H
John K
Marcello V R
Matthew O
Noah B
Obie E
Peter H 148
Saib D
Samuel K
Willi E

2006 B WHITE

Chameng V
Ciaran H
Elias G L
Eyual A
Franklin C
Isaac V
Noah J
Owen K
Samuel R-C
Sean B
Soren G
suheb m
Thatley V
Victor C

2005 Girls

2005 G BLACK

Ava W
Ayden G
Berit P
Clara P
Demekech W
Desteny D
Eileen C
Elsie J
Emma S
Erin W
Josie M
Laney C
Lily B
Margeaux V
Margo C
Meghan P
Nora V

2005 G RED

Abbey O
Amanda S
Audrey J
Camila G
Chelsea P
Daisy F
Delaney N
Eleanor C XXX
Ella S 544
Ella T
grace g
Joanna P V
Kathleen E
Lily D
Mara G
Payton W
Ruby K
Una J

2005 Boys

2005 B BLACK

Antonio S
Chakong V
Colin M 137
cristian g
Diego G Q
Fintan L
Guadalupe D
Jack B
Jafet B
Kenji M
Luis B
Nathan C
Oshare Z
Samuel A
Simon G

2005 B RED

Elias B
Ethan G
Evan W
Gavin B
Gus T
Jacob S
Jason O
Jeronimo L
Jonah S
Lukas H XXX
Luke F
Marco G
Rhys T
Samuel H 536
Samuel S
Saulye T
Yusuf A

2005 B GOLD

Alexander K
Benjamin W
Cole R
Dominik A
Drew L
Ezekiel H
Grayson C
Henry B
Liam S 457
Moises C
Reid r
Ronan M
Scott I
Seiya T
Thomas H
Tswb V
Vincent T

2005 B WHITE

Carlos Andres A
Charles B
Chase N
Eloi S
George H
Isaiah F
John S 308
Kipling L
lawson S
Logan K
Mike L
Nolan K
samuel m
Simon A
Stephen F

2005 B GREY

Abdullatif A
Anders E
Callahan G
Charles C
Edwin P
Emilio A 140
Erik D
Joseph W-W
Kieran P
Leo T M
Marcos O
Nicolas X
Wolfgang B


U15 – U19 Teams

2004 Girls

2004 G BLACK

Aubrey R
Audrey M
Ava T
Ella V
Emma O
Georgia L-M
Jenna B
Kendall C
Lucy P
Maegan T
Naomi S
Olivia R
Pearl L
Ruby L
Sophia D
Vivien M

2004 G RED

Ada G
Alison B
Clare F
Collett A
Elizabeth T
Grace H
Isabel L
Isabella S-E
Isabelle W
Kenya R D
Lindsay B
Maddie H
Maichu X
Mary S
Sarah O
Xitlali M

2004 G GOLD

Alina R
Ashlyn P
Avery A
Catherine W
Charlotte O
Eleanor C 564
Ida S
Insley G
Laila A
Lucy A
Marina D
Naomi B-S
Nathalia V

2004 Boys

2004 B BLACK

Anthony M
Ayden L
Caden L
Charles W
Cristian C A
Dylan M 767
Eh Thaw Too M
Francisco G V
John N
Kai M
Kong Mong T
Kyle H
Luis G
Nicholas P
Pascal L
Ronald H
Zachary Z

2004 B RED

Adam A
Adam J
Andrew M
Antonio O Z
Charles S
Dylan C
Eliot K
Gabriel A
Gabriel S
Jack P
Julian S
Keng Y
Liam S 572
Owen L
Simon K
Tyler W

2004 B GOLD

Ayden B
Benjamin M
Benjamin Y
Brian I
Clayton M
Elijah H
Gordon V S
Jayden M
Keenan M
Leo C
Naveen A
Nick O
Orion S
Sam P
Sean M
Soren B
William P
Yileng V

2004 B WHITE

Abdirahman Y
Adam Y
Chenxu Y
Daniel M 721
Dev K
Devan V
Dylan M 563
Elliot T
Gus O
Gustavo G-G
Kaleb T
Lukas H 558
Octavio L
Theo T
Uyiosa O

2003 Girls

2003 G BLACK

Abrianna A
Annika R
Caitlyn K
Dana E
Eden D
Elizabeth M
Ella W
Elsa B
Emmy T
Fotini K
Katherine P
Kendall R
Liv L
Maddie S
Mary B
Rachel E
Rory J-W
Tavia M

2003 G RED

Addison W
Anna B
Cecilia S
Diana T
Elaina B
Guillemette S
Josephine F
juliet A-C
Mallory G
Maren F
Natalie W
Nora J
Ruth C
Skyler C
Sophia R
Sophia T
Whitney Z
Zoe W

2003 Boys

2003 B BLACK

Alex C
Beck W
Devon H
Dylan H
Dylan b
George W
Gus L
Joe D
Josh T
Kai A
Kalid A
Luke Z
Mani C
Meng L
Parker B
Roderick H
Ryan O

2003 B RED

Aidan M 589
Ansel A
Avery F
Bryan s
Daniel M 891
Derrick D
Everett E
Harrison T
Henry J
Liam L
Maclean B
Noah G
Porter S
Rafael E
Sawyer C
Steven C

2003 B GOLD

Abreham G
Andy B
Anthony H 918
Carson B
Cesar G
Christopher R
David A
Edson Q
jackson b
Javier p
Lah K
Lian Y
Max M
Oliver H
Pablo P
Prince S
Ruben P
Sam Y
Samuel H 677

2002 Girls

2002 G BLACK

Amalie P
Amelia M
Ayla S
Bridget T
Carmen D
Clark W
Emma E-R
Gabby E
Helen S
Loretta W
Lucy R
Madeline I
Madeline M
Madelyn B
Miranda B
Nora T
Olivia B
Olivia L XXX
Sonja E

2002 G RED

Alisa L
Alivia A
Aliviah M
Anna W
Ava B
Carly S-N
Cecilia A
Emily G
Jane G
Julissa R T
Katherine M
kaybelly a
Lauren B 651
Lauren D
Lillian M
Lucy K
Maya W
Pa Hlee T

2002 Boys

2002 B BLACK

Aidan M 776
Amine C
Chalee M
Chiani M-T
Garrett M
John M
Jordan B
Joshua Y
Lucas L-M
Micah G
Michael B
Samuel N
Terrence V
Tristan T
William G
Yasin N
Yeng X
Youssef A

2002 B RED

Aaron M
abdirahman j
Aran K
Charlie R
Devon N
Diego K
Dylan M 779
Ethan B 830
Ethan B 802
Joseph R
Maktar Y
Noa M
Pee D
Philip C
Rohit K
Will N
William S

2002 B GOLD

Arjuna H
Aydyrus A
Baw Mu H
Diego A
Emanuel A
Johnny D L
Law La M
Michael W
Milo W
Seree M
Seth B
Simon M
Winston S
Ywa Blut D S

2002 B WHITE

Abdissa E
Abhi P-H
Adrian K-M
Brandon R
fiqremariam z
Hashim Y
Jairo M R
Luca H
Luke V
Michael S
Noah H
Samuel W
Teddy C
William O C

2001 Girls

2001/02 G GOLD

Amelia L
Ava H
Bridget L
Celia O
Clare S
Eleanor F
Elise T-J
Ellie N
Emilia S
Emma H
Fiona J-S
Gabrielle D
Julia R
Lily O
Lily R
Lizet R H
Madison O
Mika G
Sara B
Stephanie A

2001 Boys

2001 B BLACK

Aaron J
Alex P
Ashwin N
Eljay T
Gage E
Henry L
Jake W
James L
Joshua R
Mac S
Michael D
Peter H 641
Peter W
peter c
Raj P
Seng T
Thomas B
wyatt i

2001 B RED

Ben C
Hamze A
Jameson Q
Lar E
moo b
Muhyadiin A

2000 Girls

2000 G BLACK

Abigail C
Carolyn R
Emma G
Grace M
Hannah L
Katelyn A
Katherine E
Katie S S
Lily H H
Lindsay S
Mae G
Mariana C
Sarah A
Sierra D
Sophie F
Tessah G

2000 Boys

2000 B BLACK

Abdullahi A
Adam S
Charlie S
Connor B
Gutu R
Ian O
Jared M
Jeremy G
Kaan U
Kai B
la w
Mathieu L
Maxwell T
Nathan L
Peter K
Prabesh B
Truman S
Will S

Updated 2018-09-18 10:25

To learn more about coaching philosophy and what to expect, see U11–U19 Summer League InformationSee also: Team Formation Policy

Have a great fall soccer season! See you in November when winter training begins.

Go Hawks!

Viktor Adamcsek
Director of Coaching

Brian Catrine
Juniors Director (U11 – U14)