We’re excited to announce and preview the new look of Saint Paul Blackhawks! Thanks to the time and talent of our community, we are pleased to share with you our new club crest.

About the New Crest

Blackhawks crestThe new crest pays respect to our club heritage with references to our founding year (1952), our immigrant roots, our name, and our community. The new design, however, modernizes our image with bright colors and a sleek aesthetic. The bold design symbolizes the pride we have when we wear our uniforms and spiritwear. The design also celebrates Saint Paul community, our capital city, and now the capital city of Minnesota professional soccer! It’s an exciting time to shine a light on our club brand.

Why Brand Matters

A strong brand creates the foundation to grow, evolve, and sustain a strong organization. A strong brand attracts members and business partners. While we often look to the visual representation of our organization to represent who we are, the crest is one element of building a strong brand.

Each member of our community is an ambassador of our brand – or the collective perception of who our club is, what the community, our business partners, our customers and our competitors think of us. Our brand or image isn’t only shaped by our logo and sharp uniforms, it is also shaped by our on-field performance and on-sideline conduct. What we say and what we do builds or erodes a brand. We are a community of passionate soccer players and families who work hard, strive to conduct ourselves with integrity, celebrate and support one another. I appreciate what each of you does to represent Saint Paul Blackhawks with pride and continuing to build character and community.

Nod to the Past

Old crest Our most recent crest dated to 2005 or earlier. It contains an image of a hawk surrounded by transliterations of “Blackhawk” in eight, non-English languages. This design not only honored the immigrant origins of our club a half-century ago, but it also spoke to our ongoing efforts to involve and honor all members of our community.

This crest served our club well for over 10 years. The advantages of the crest that replaced it include colors more consistent with our kit (a bit more “pop”), and a more appropriate design for the variety of media we use (print, web, embroidery, silk screening).

Old crest For those with longer memory, the Blackhawks club used a simpler image in the late 1990s. It depicted a hawk with a soccer ball in its talons. The colors of this logo are still relevant today—black, red, and white.