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The Blackhawks U9–U10 Developmental Program offers year-round soccer activities for boys and girls. Activities include camps, skill-building training sessions, league play, festivals and tournaments. The program is designed to empower players at any level to play the game with confidence and creativity and develop those who desire to compete at the highest level of play the opportunity to do so. Blackhawks development program offers appropriate options for all players, regardless of their current skill level or experience.

Our developmental program has four areas of focus:

  1. Skill development
  2. Fitness training
  3. Respect for teammates, coaches, referees, and other teams
  4. Enjoyment of the game

Year At-A-Glance


Why Blackhawks?

  • Trained and experienced professional coaches facilitate growth with consistent, positive instruction during both developmental and competitive years.
  • Our teams grow up together and compete together for years resulting in life-long friendships.
  • Blackhawks offers teams in most divisions of the MYSA‘s competitive play program or US Club Soccer.
  • Blackhawks teaches soccer skills for life-long enjoyment of the game and is a welcoming environment to all interested players.
  • Players and parents should expect equal playing time and exposure to all positions.

Developmental Programs

  • League: Blackhawk teams participate in Fall or Summer leagues affiliated with MYSA or US Club Soccer. Players are evaluated and placed in teams each season based on their current level of development.
  • Camps: Blackhawk camps are offered in Spring and Summer and give players are great opportunity to focus on specific, individualized development. Camps for the 9-11 age group focus on technical skill training in game-like activities, feature focused skill development for attacking and defending, for example.
  • Futsal: Blackhawks winter indoor soccer program’s developmental curriculum takes advantage of the latest in youth soccer training – enhancing and building on our foot skills programs. Futsal is FIFA’s official indoor game. This fast-paced game, played on a small court, enhances foot skills and quickness of play. It is fun and exhilarating!
  • Skill-Builders: Blackhawks Skill-Builders program features the latest in youth soccer training – enhancing and building on our foundational foot skills programs. Here’s a snap-shot of the program.