Tryouts are conducted every year for competitive soccer. Players will be placed at the level where they fit best developmentally based on the coach feedback and player development over the season and tryout performance. Rosters typically change season-to-season between U9–U14, and somewhat between U14–U18. While teamwork is very important, keeping teams together starting at U9 would not be beneficial. Individual kids develop at different rates and grouping players based on their developmental level at the point of time is in the best interest of the individual and the team. This gives the opportunity to all players to be both challenged and successful.
Please refer to MYSA’s policies and rules relating to Promotion and Relegation.
Our club’s philosophy is that each coach has two years with a team. There are some exceptions to this. For example, if a team earns promotion, the club may extend the coach’s assignment with the team to help the transition. We believe players can learn new things from different coaches tactically, technically, and psychologically.
We hope you will be selected for the team of your choice. If that doesn’t happen it would be good to have a backup plan. Please talk with your parents before tryouts about other playing options. (Note to Parents: Not every player is guaranteed a place on a team, or on the team of their choice based on roster size limitations and the number of available players in the age pool. Consider talking with your athlete prior to tryouts about other playing options.) If you have questions about the commitment required to participate on a higher level team (C1, Premier), please talk to the coach prior to tryouts. If other activities will cause you to miss a lot of practices or games, please consider other playing level options.
For more information, review the Team Formation Policy.
At Blackhawks, we expect you to take responsibility for your soccer experience like any other commitment. After joining a team, you will receive a lot of information about practices, games and other events that occur throughout the year. It is your job to keep track of this information. Likewise, it is your job to talk with your coach about any issues or concerns you may have.