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This page provides a comprehensive overview of the summer soccer league program for the U11 and higher age groups. You will find information on:

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Coaching Philosophy

Saint Paul Blackhawks Soccer Club is committed to giving each player the tools to become a complete player. A complete player displays mastery of both technical and tactical aspects of the game as well as character growth. We believe that soccer can be a medium to develop youth physically, mentally, and socially. We aim to produce skilled players who exhibit respect, dedication, and a passion for soccer within a highly competitive environment. Our club is dedicated to prepare youth players for the next level whether professional, collegiate, or amateur.

The path toward developing a complete player recognizes different developmental levels and utilizes developmentally appropriate activities toward the goal.

  • Technical: A Complete Player masters all aspects of ball control such as dribbling, passing and receiving, ball striking, heading, and tackling.
  • Tactical: A Complete Player understands the fundamentals of defending and attacking individually as well as a team. They understand their role on the field in different formations such as 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1.
  • Character: A Complete Player is a leader on the field who knows how to handle adversity, be a team player, and is respectful to others.

Season Previews by Division and Age Group

The following tables help to set expectations for Blackhawks’ competitive age groups and divisions. While these descriptions may be a general guide, each team’s season plan will vary due to that team’s goals and circumstances.

Blackhawks places teams in a various leagues to provide the best developmental experience for players. These include MYSA‘s leagues—Premier 1, Premier 2, Classic 1, Classic 2, and Classic 3. MYSA operates under US Youth Soccer. Blackhawks may place certain teams the US Youth Soccer National League Midwest or Great Lakes Conferences. We also place teams in TCSL Regional, State, and City leagues, organized under US Club Soccer.

Soccer is a team sport requiring commitment from each individual player. The most competitive teams (Premier, C1, National and Regional Leagues) require substantial commitment of priority, time, and effort throughout the year. We encourage players who also compete in other sports to consider the level of commitment when registering. Please contact the Director of Coaching if you have questions about appropriate placement.

Blackhawks U15 players have a long tradition of traveling to Denmark and Sweden to compete in the Gothia Cup. The trip is independent of this summer league program.

Blackhawks team naming conventions follow a tiered developmental designation of gender, age group, and color; color does not necessarily correspond to a league competitive division. We assign the “Black” color to the top team in a given age group, regardless of the league and division. Some age groups will have top teams in the National League conferences, others may have top teams playing in the TCSL regional bracket. So team naming reflects where a team falls in the developmental spectrum of our Blackhawks teams and not the level they are playing at. You will receive information about play level and team plan with your team placement announcement.

Team colors: black, red, gold, white, gray, silver

MYSA Premier/C1 • TCSL Regional Division Teams

Second Team Top Team
Birth Years 2000–2004 2000–2004
Game Format 11-v-11 11-v-11
Winter Training 2 per week 2 per week
Spring/Summer Training 3–4 per week 3–4 per week
In-State Tournaments 3 2
Regional Tournament Yes No
State Cup No Yes
Midwest or Great Lakes Conference* No Yes
Futsal League No No
Winter League or Strength Training Yes Yes
Club Fees $1600 $1600

* Travel costs for US Youth Soccer National Leagues’ Midwest Conference and Great Lakes Conference vary widely and will significantly impact Team Fees. 

MYSA C2 and C3 • TCSL State and City Division Teams

Birth Years 2000–2004
Game Format 11-v-11
Winter Training 2 per week
Spring/Summer Training 2–3 per week
In-State Tournaments 3
Futsal League Metro
Club Fees $1350

Participant Costs

Cost of participation on a Blackhawks team has several components:

  • Club Fee: paid to the club at time of registration or utilizing our online automatic payment plan
  • Team Fee: paid to the team manager based on the team’s season plan
  • Uniform: approximately $130, purchased independently on a two-year cycle

Club Fee Covers (according to charts above): team coach wages, team winter training indoor field rental, spring outdoor practice field rental, coach training and mentoring by club professional staff, winter goalkeeper training, MYSA dues, insurance, summer field rental, referees and officials, Minnesota State Cup entry fee, MYSA Summer State Championships tournament registration for qualifying teams, allowance for tournament registrations, practice shirt, and all club administrative costs.

Club Fee Does Not Cover (among other things): uniforms, warm ups, player and coach travel, and Summer State Tournament Qualifiers (team entry fee, referee payments). Some of those items may be accounted for in the “Team Fees” based upon your team’s season plan and goals.

Payment Plan: Families now have the option to either pay their club registration fees in full by August 15, or subscribe to the automatic payment plan through our registration platform. The six-payment plan installments will be processed as follows:

  • 10% due by August 15—required to accept and secure you player’s team placement
  • 20% due September 15
  • 20% due October 15
  • 20% due November 15
  • 20% due February 15
  • 10% due March 15

Financial Assistance: Blackhawks is committed to making soccer affordable to those who need assistance. Award amounts vary depending on need and go toward paying Club Fees. They do not cover any of the player’s Team Fees or uniform. If you receive an award, you are still responsible for paying: (1) Club Fees not covered by the award; (2) All Team Fees and (3) Uniform costs. You must submit 10% of the Club Fees at the time of registration. Online application for financial assistance can be found on this site at About » Financial Assistance. Financial assistance is made possible through member contributions as a component of dues, individual donations, fundraising.

More Information

This program page answers many questions about our competitive program. For other questions, please contact: