Thank you for entrusting your child’s soccer experience to Saint Paul Blackhawks. We strive to make that experience the best it can be by providing excellent coaches, an array of well-designed and age-appropriate soccer programs for players age U5–U19.

Our approach develops joyful, creative, highly skilled players who learn to work as a team to achieve team goals. What’s more, our approach nurtures personal qualities demonstrated by selfless play, losing and winning with grace, and respect for opponents who, after all, make competition possible. Such qualities help players succeed on the field and in life.

Parent Role

At Blackhawks we believe that by understanding the role of the soccer parent we help create the best possible soccer experience for our kids. Simply put:

  • Players play
  • Parents support players
  • Coaches coach
  • Referees ref

Parents support players by providing transportation, hydration, nutrition, cheering, and encouragement. Parents can also support players by not slipping into the role of surrogate coach. Learn more about the role of Soccer Parent at MYSA PACT.

Please lead by example and act in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

Be Involved: Volunteer

In addition to supporting their players, parents can support their team or the club by volunteering. Kids love it when their parents volunteer! Ask your Team Manager about volunteering at the team level, or contact a board or staff member about volunteering at the club level. Learn more about volunteering with Blackhawks.

The Blackhawks Board of Directors values input from parents. Please consider attending a Sunday evening board meeting held monthly. Check the club calendar for dates, times, and locations.