Team Managers

Key to Success

www.ebay brand viagra online in uk Team managers play a key role in the success of Blackhawks teams. Behind every successful team is a great manager! Team managers help create and maintain a cooperative and supportive community within their team. Team managers help enforce the club and coaches expectations of the team.

Main managerial duties include:

40 mg celexa forex trading отзывы Season Plan Development and Implementation
This is done in coordination with the coach and team families to make the appropriate choices about tournament selection, additional training and development opportunities (fitness training, futsal, indoor league), arranging scrimmages, team-building events, and preparing a team budget.

go opzioni binarie altroconsumo Communication
Team managers are the hub of all communication, including:

  • Cascading messages from the club, coach, or AGC to the team
  • Communicating the season schedule and plan & any updates
  • Acting as a liaison to the parents by hearing their questions and feedback and escalating to the club when needed binäre optionen test Administration

  • Collecting and keeping player documentation
    • Assembling player passes (signatures, photos, lamination)
    • Medial release & liability waivers
    • Proof of age documents
  • Managing the team schedule & scores
    • Preparing match reports
    • Game reschedules
    • Reporting game scores to MYSA
  • Managing team finances
  • Managing team equipment, including: med kit, blood jerseys, corner flags, etc.


aspirin 75 mg disp tablets Developmental Team Manager Handbook coming soon.
Competitive Team Manager Handbook coming soon.

Useful Info & Forms

cozaar comp forte 100/ 25 mg Familiarize yourself with the Blackhawks and MYSA websites which contain useful information and forms.
Blackhawk Apparel & Uniforms
Blackhawk Financial Assistance
MYSA Birth Year Guidelines
MYSA Standings U11-19
MYSA Team Manager Page (Affinity Handbook, Digital Pass link, forms, etc)
MYSA Background Check
MYSA Events (MN State Cup, Seasonal Qualifiers/Championship, Jamborees, etc)
MYSA Playing Nights

Player Passes

sominex 50mg 319 When taking physical passes to tournaments or for travel, put a laminated card with your name and phone number on the ring with player passes just in case the passes are lost and found.

Get Help!

arcoxia tablets 120mg Recruit volunteers for team and Club needs – delegate! Ask for help! People like to be involved and if you can break down jobs into smaller pieces, families can contribute more easily. You don’t have to do everything yourself!

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