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TCSL U9-U10 (Birth Years 2015-2016)

Commitment is geared towards players who are new to competitve soccer, who may not be ready for a full year commitment and who are multisports athletes

Coaching: Seasonal commitment
Team Manager: Seasonal commitment

Program Focus: Skill Development, Understanding of Game, Enjoyment of the Game, Respect for teammates/coaches/referees/other teamsS

U9-U10 Winter Programming (Registration open in September)

Activities for U9-U10 groups run December into March. Multiple programs are offered to give families maximum flexibility.

Developmental winter training takes place at the following locations:

Orchard – Blackhawk Soccer Center gym (Futsal, Team Meetings, and Events)
875 Orchard Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55103 • map

Concordia University Sea Foam Stadium dome (Skill Builders, Age Group Training)
281 Hamline Ave N, Saint Paul, MN 55104 • map

Hmong College Prep Academy dome (Skill Builders, Age Group Training)
1515 Brewster St., Saint Paul, MN 55108 • map

U9-U10 Programming Details
Birth Years

U9: Players born in 2016*

U10: Players born in 2015

*Some 2017 players may be able to play U9 league

Training and Games

Teams participate in Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) in the fall and spring at the Red, White and Blue levels.

Skillbuilders winter training is age-group and optional.

All age groups train at Orchard Recreational Center in St. Paul in the fall and summer. Training moves indoors during the winter months and varies by location.


U9-U10 Staff

The paid coaches are a combination of collegiate soccer players, parents, as well as coaches who have been with Blackhawks for several years.

Player Evaluations

Players registered in Blackhawks developmental programs will be assessed mid-summer for fall placement and again during winter for the following summer team placement. These dual evaluations—unique to our club—ensure the best match between players and their programs. We encourage all interested players to attend, but attendance at evaluations is not necessary to register. Evaluations at this age are used to:

    • Place developmental-aged boys and girls on summer teams with players of similar skills and ability
    • Determine the number of teams to be registered at each level
    • Enable the Developmental Director to adjust the curriculum based on the players participating
    • More info can be found here