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Saint Paul Blackhawks Soccer Club

Club Mission

Club Mission

Saint Paul Blackhawks Soccer Club builds character in our soccer players and strengthens our community. Our mission is to develop highly skilled, respectful, competitive soccer players. As a Saint Paul-based organization, we embrace our diversity and welcome the different cultures that bring richness to our club and our players’ experience.

Our History

Founded in 1952, Saint Paul Blackhawks is a non-profit organization serving youths, their families, and the community by offering a high-quality year-round soccer program for players ages five to nineteen. This year-round program includes summer traveling teams starting at age 9, fall leagues, winter and spring indoor skills training, futsal, and summer camps.

When European immigrants settled in Minnesota following World War II they brought along their game of soccer. The immigrants played on a field near the Highland water tower in St. Paul. The game caught on and before long there were enough players to field two teams known as the Blackhawks and the Falcons.

In 1952 the Blackhawks and the Falcons founded the Saint Paul Soccer Club, establishing in one swoop both Minnesota club soccer and the Saint Paul Blackhawks Soccer Club. In addition to playing local ethnic clubs and in local leagues, the Blackhawks and the Falcons traveled to Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago to play in tournaments and friendlies. Over the years, the Blackhawks and the Falcons developed into arguably the finest adult soccer program in Minnesota. The Saint Paul Blackhawks youth soccer club grew from those roots.

On February 25, 1985—over 35 years ago—Blackhawks of Saint Paul incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation. On that date, the club refocused its activities on youth soccer programs to benefit our community. The vision, smooth execution, and breadth of training and competition that we value are the results of over 35 years experience with youth programs. Today, your Blackhawks club stands tall as one of the top competitive youth soccer organizations in the state, including a significant swath of extraterritorial clubs across the border.

In a crowded field of youth athletics options, Blackhawks’ mission withstands the test of time as a key differentiator. Your board and staff understand an important life lesson: individuals’ differences contribute to the success of high performing teams. Our players wear it on their sleeves.

About Our Name

When the founders of our club formed their first two teams in 1952, perhaps the most iconic symbol in Europe was the coat of arms of the new German republic. Borne of that identity, it is no surprise that the German immigrants named those first two teams the Blackhawks and the Falcons.


We don’t have a record of the earliest crests, but by the 1990s, our club featured a stylized, flying black hawk with a ball in its talons.


In the early 2000s, the club’s new design evoked a coat of arms. The black hawk and soccer ball still featured prominently. The crest added “black hawk” in eight other languages, a nod to the many “different cultures that bring richness to our club and our players’ experience”.


In 2015, Saint Paul Blackhawks adopted its current branding. It retains the theme of a black hawk and a soccer ball, adopts the colors of the German coat of arms, and adds a star—symbolizing the capital city of the Northstar state.

When the origins of our name are questioned from time to time, the answer is simple: it’s always been about the black hawk.