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Saint Paul Blackhawks are committed to providing a high-quality, affordable youth soccer program. While we try hard to keep club fees as low as possible, we realize that paying the full amount can be a hardship for some families. The Saint Paul Blackhawks Financial Assistance Program exists to help ensure that no one is prevented from playing in Blackhawks for financial reasons. Our goal is to offer some assistance to every family that demonstrates need. Budget constraints may not allow us, however, to give everyone the level of aid they believe adequate.


Financial Assistance Awards

Financial assistance award levels vary according to need. Based on factors such as family income, family size, and player age, awards may be granted to cover the following:

    • 25 to 90% of Club Fees for leagues
    • 10 to 50% of non-league programming such as camps, developmental winter training and our Little Hawks programs

You are responsible for paying:

    • Club Fees not covered by the award
    • A minimum of 10% of Club Fees 
    • Team Fees (for team-specific travel and tournament costs)
    • Uniform costs. (Uniforms cost $120 for U11 – U19 players and $110 for U9 – U10 players.)

NOTE: You must submit 10% of the club fees at the time of registration, regardless of award amount!


Families with children receiving free or reduced-cost school lunch are presumed eligible for financial assistance. Other families may also be eligible, and any family that feels it has need of financial assistance should submit an application. Special circumstances—such as large medical expenses not covered by insurance—will be considered. Please include an explanation of such circumstances in the financial assistance application.

If you receive financial assistance the award will be used to pay a percentage of the club fees only.


How to Apply

Apply using a secure, online form. You will receive notification of your award by email. You will then be able to log into your account, see your adjusted balance, and make payments.


Season Costs (U9 – U10)


Activity U9 – U10
Fall Club Fees $325
Summer Club Fees $495
Estimated Team Fees $0-50

Season Costs (U11 – U19)


Activity U11-12 U13–U14 U15–U19
Club Fees $1600-1800 $1850-2200 $1500-1850
Est Team Fees $0-1000 $0-1250 $0-2000+
Total Est Fees $1600-2800+ $1850-3750+ $1500-2850+


All financial information is maintained in strict confidence and may be accessed only by the Financial Assistance Director. Names of financial assistance recipients and the level of financial assistance awarded are disseminated narrowly on a need-to-know basis to the club administrator, club treasurer, and relevant age group coordinators and team managers.