Saint Paul Blackhawks is committed to providing high-quality, affordable youth soccer programs, accessible to everyone. While we try hard to keep club fees as low as possible, we realize that paying the full amount can be a hardship for some families. The Saint Paul Blackhawks Financial Assistance Program exists to help ensure that no one is prevented from playing in Blackhawks for financial reasons.

Currently 30% of our players are awarded financial assistance annually in the form of substantial discounts for qualifying programs. These awards are made possible only from the generosity of the club members—through contributions as a component of dues, individual donations, fundraising activities, volunteerism, and efficient operations. Blackhawks do not receive any government subsidy or sustaining grants to support financial assistance awards.

To help make club fee payments manageable for our members, payments may be made by cash, check or credit card. Members also have options to pay at once or incrementally on a payment plan.

Player passes will not be released for games and tournaments until registration is complete and fees are paid in full or financial assistance awards are granted.

» View detailed information and apply for assistance.