Saint Paul Blackhawks Soccer Club

Comp: U15-U19

Programs at a Glance

The summary below describes the Competitive program, designed to develop teams across a range of competition levels. Club Fees (registration) vary somewhat for teams training at different levels, and the Team Fees (tournaments, travel, etc.) vary widely.

While no two teams have identical needs, this summary will help set expectations for program, time commitments, and costs.

Program Questions:

Director of Coaching
Viktor Adamcsek
[email protected]

Registration Questions:

Alyssa Arredondo
[email protected]

Competitive Teams U15–U19

Tier I Fee
Tier II Fee
Tier III Fee
Birth Years 2004–2008 2004–2008 2004–2008
Game Format 11-v-11 11-v-11 11-v-11
Play Level MN League One (Premier I or II) TCSL (National or Regional) TCSL (State or Cities)
Fall Season No No No
Winter League MN League One or TCSL TCSL In-house futsal
Winter Contacts 4–5 per week* 3–4 per week* 3 per week*
Spring/Summer Training 4–5 per week 3–4 per week 3 per week
Summer League MN League One MN League One or TCSL TCSL
In-State Tournaments 1–3 2–3 3
Regional Tournament Yes Yes No
State Cup or US Club equivalent Yes President’s Cup
if appropriate
National League or Conference Yes: ’06 and ’07
No: ’04, ’05
No No
Club (Registration) Fee $2,125 $1,950 $1,650
Team Fees $1,000–$2,000 $500–$1,000 $0–$150
Full Uniform $120 Field/$65 Goalie $120 Field/$65 Goalie $120 Field/$65 Goalie